Sophie Theen

"I make what I need for necessities and the rest becomes bonuses to me, that’s when I invest."

Sophie’s work is based around one of the most recognisable features of fintech businesses. Her insights and knowledge centre on optimising and cultivating the incredible culture, one of the main reasons fintechs are so attractive to work for. Great internal cultures are the backbone that allows these financial challengers to do their work with true innovation and creativity.

It blows our minds to see how many different things she’s involved in. When Sophie isn’t mentoring other Talent professionals, she’s speaking at conferences including The European JobBoard Summit 2018, speaking on topics ranging from recruitment, culture, diversity, inclusion and onboarding.

After serving as a global head of HR for fintech unicorn, Revolut, Sophie moved onto being the Head of talent for 11:FS, a rapidly-growing challenger consultancy. Exo has collaborated with 11:FS on their industry leading podcast (Fintech Insider) several times, as a leading voice in the digitisation of financial services. Sophie also runs workshops for early-stage start-ups and advises on HR tech at Udder, helping other businesses find tech solutions to their internal needs.

And there’s more! Sophie volunteers in running HR at an Autism Charity and runs a community for Mental Health in Start-Ups. It’s for all these reasons Sophie made the ‘Standout 35’ on Innovate Finance’s “Women in Fintech” 2018 Powerlist; she’s a true influencer in one of the best aspects of fintech companies: growing amazing cultures which empower their members to do great work in the industry.

Q & A

What would you see as your main financial life goal?

The goal is to have financial independence where I can support my living with passive income from investments and essentially also being able to work on the things I enjoy and love without having to worry about “how much does this pay?"

What does financial independence mean to you?

It means that I am comfortable not having to work anymore and passive incomes are looking after me. My passive income so be equal if not more than my expenses but of course the more investment you have the higher your expenses become too!

Do you think your parents/friends/SO influence the way you deal with money?

(if yes in what way?) Definitely, the way I see the value of money and how it affects my day to day has a lot to do with how my parents taught me that money can’t buy everything but it does buy me something. They used to make me do chores around the house for pocket money to buy what I wished for, but I was never given a regular set of allowance because they’d provided me with the necessities such as tuition. So as an adult, I make what I need for necessities and the rest becomes bonuses to me, that’s when I invest what’s left over.

What’s the best money tip someone has ever given you?

It is never enough, but make sure you know where your moral line is at. So I just ended up chasing what I think is right!