79% of women in the UK do not currently hold any investments.

We think this needs to change
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Embrace Investing

Traits like cautiousness and patience are typical in a female financial approach; they have proven to make great investors and savers as a result, however, lack of confidence has shown to be a key obstacle in preventing more women starting to plan their financial future.

It's time to #EmbraceInvesting

Meet our inspirations

These incredible women are making waves in the financial world, so we spoke to them about their thoughts on being financially savvy and the realities of investing today.
Sarah Kocianski from 11:FS features as our newest profile, read her story above! To see her full extended interview, head to the Exo Blog.

How you can get involved?

#EmbraceInvesting is a message of empowerment.

We’d love to see that message reach as many people as possible so we're asking you to make a statement.

Using the hashtag #EmbraceInvesting, send us a message on how you’re embracing the investment world.

Anything from opening an ISA, starting to budget or even just beginning to read on the subject, we’ll be featuring our favourite posts on our Instagram!

In 2018, the amount invested by millennial women was up by 40%, but we think we can do better! Together, we can help more women embrace investing, for their future.

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